This month Russian Academy of Sciences held a meeting dedicated to the natural hydrogen. It was moderated by Sergey Glazyev, Russian politician and economist, Full Member of Russian Academy of Science. During the meeting scientists presented current achievements in this topic. The red line of the discussion was the recent discovery of  natural hydrogen gas seepage out of shallow depressions on the Earth’s surface. We communicated about this discovery in our news earlier this year.

Participants discussed the potential of natural hydrogen to become a new source of energy and in the end of the meeting they concluded to create an entire new branch in the Academy to promote the research in this direction. The video of this meeting (in Russian) has already collected 70 000 views, what is big number for such type of scientific media.

This field of research is gaining grounds. In our past month’s newsletter we communicated that in September Paris hosted the conference dedicated to natural hydrogen, which was organized by the French Geological Society (SGF). During this meeting geologists from many research institutions presented the progress in the field of natural hydrogen. The conference coincided with publication of an article about natural hydrogen (in French) in the journal Pour la science, a French edition of Scientific American.

On the photo: original headquarters of the Imperial Academy of Sciences – the Kunstkamera in Saint -etersburg