As on July 6, 2020 Hyundai shipped its first 10 units of XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first fuel cell heavy-duty truck, to Switzerland, Air Liquide and the Port of Rotterdam announced their ambition to deploy 1000 fuel cell trucks as of 2025, of which 500 in Rotterdam together with manufacturers VDL Groep, Iveco/Nikola to transport companies Vos Logistics, Jongeneel Transport and HN Post 100,000 tonnes CO2 emissions per year, which is equivalent to 110 million kilometers driven.

The first shipment of 50 trucks XCIENT is expected this year and total of 1,600 units by 2025. A  190-kW hydrogen fuel cell system, XCIENT Fuel Cell powers 400 km on a single charge using a combined storage capacity of around 32.09 kg of hydrogen. Refuelling time is between 8-20 minutes. In 2019, Hyundai Motor Company formed Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM), a joint venture with Swiss company H2 Energy, which will lease the trucks to commercial truck operators on a pay-per-use basis. The Swiss LSVA road tax on commercial vehicles does not apply for zero-emission trucks , reducing the hauling costs per kilometer of the fuel cell truck compared to those of a  diesel -powered truck truck.