On May 15, 2009, a Swedish engineering group, Morphic Exergy Fuel Cells who operates in the areas of fuels cells and wind power, signed a contract with the Narbonne Associates of France for the dissemination of its Polaris 140 portable fuel cell, having a guarantee of minimum value of SEK 48m for Exergy. Polaris 140 is a chemical compound in liquid forms and generates hydrogen on continuous basis and at the same rate as it is consumed in the fuel cell. “The product and area of application are exactly right and show not only that the market has embraced our offer but also indicate that our strategy of focusing our resources on concrete product development rather than visions will generate business. The changes we have now been implemented paved the way for our long-planned share offering and will enable us to fund production for orders like this”, Martin Valfridsson, President and CEO of Morphic Technologies AB, says. The product will be delivered in the beginning of September 2009 as it has been approved by customers.

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