On April 1, 2011 Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo signed the decree of the environmental compatibility of the
construction of a plant for the production of pure hydrogen from natural gas (HMU3) at the Milazzo refinery.

“The project, which intend to use BAT, aims to increase conversion of heavy residues of refinery runs in higher quality and low sulfur content petroleum products, in line with the EU directives for environmental protection” said the ministry.

These results will be achieved, compared to the current production standard, “with a progressive reduction of industrial site emissions, in combination with the recent AIA decision for the refinery issued by Minister Prestigiacomo “said the ministry. The activation of the hydrogen production plant will also provide the consolidation and improvement of employment prospects and company market on the Milazzo area.

Source: Ministero dell’Ambiente, della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare