The three Mercedes B-Class F-CELL cars began their planned 125 day World Drive in Stuttgart, Germany in early January marking the 125th anniversary of the automobile and have been circumnavigating the globe, making their way across southern Europe, North America and Australia.

Having successfully completed the Australian leg of the tour, the cars were on display at the Auto Shanghai show before they departed on the final part of their journey.

The final leg will see the cars travel approximately 14,000 kilometres over 41 days, making their way across China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark before finally arriving home in Stuttgart and parking in the exact positions where they started, thus completing the circumnavigation.

Fully fuelled the cars can travel approximately 380 kilometres. Careful planning has been required to ensure the cars can be refuelled, primarily at Mercedes Benz and Linde AG locations, though these are less abundant throughout the final leg so this is likely to be the most challenging test of the cars’ versatility.

Source: Fuel Cell Today