Lotus has unveiled a concept car design to be powered by a fuel cell. The design is the company’s vision for the car of  2025. Featuring a never seen before construction method, this car of the future is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell system which drives two electric motors turning the rear wheels. The body of the car consists of a cabron fibre frame blanketed by ultra-lightweight, high impact absorbing fabric. Materials that make up the car are d3o and metal rubber. The d3o is a non-Newtonian material that usually behaves like a rubbery gel, but when struck immediately turns into an extremely sturdy solid. So, this material could give the passengers great protection during an accident. The metal rubber can be stretched and molded like rubber, making the bodywork react to the movement of the suspension system. It is also capable of conducting electricity, giving the freedom to adjust the shape in accordance to the onboard computer. The body of the car can change shape while moving to keep the airflow as smooth as possible.

Source: Spanish Fuel Cells Association