The FCH JU co-funded project enefield field trials are now open fro business;  you can find out if field trials are open in the country you live in by clicking on the European map on the enefield homepage.

Currently a number of different types of fuel cell micro-CHP systems are being installed that are suited to different kinds of installations.  For example some are suitable for houses, while others are better suited to small businesses, blocks of flats or public buildings. Not all systems are available in every country.  To find out more about whether the systems available in your country are suitable for your application, click on the names of the manufacturers listed in your country’s section after clicking on your country on the map on the homepage.

Before contacting us, you can also find out what are the basic requirements for your house to have one of our systems installed in your home by looking at the checklist below:

Checklist – Important prerequisites for the installation of a fuel cell microCHP

• Installation cannot be organised for emergency replacement of your current heating system.
• The building should have a main gas  connection.
• The building should have  a central heating system.
• The building should be connected to the electricity grid.
• The building should have an internet connection.