On June 23 the HyLIFT-DEMO project, the first European demonstration of fuel cell powered forklift trucks (FC FLT) funded by the FCH JU , presented its final results. Co-organized by the EHA and FAST and hosted by one of the HyLIFT DEMO test locations, Colruyt, the Belgian supermarket chain, an overview was given of the current FC FLT, with already commercial activities in the US and insight was given in the challenges and opportunities in introducing the applications in Europe. Hubert Landinger presented various forklift truck operations successfully underway at Walmart in the US and in BMW production facilities. In total around5.400 material handling vehicles were in operation in the US, thank to and increasing sensitivity on labour costs, availability of cheaper hydrogen, significant governmental financial support and tax credits for FC systems until end 2016. In Europe only 70 vehicles have been put into operation. Colruyt FC FLT coordinator Jonas Cautaerts referred to the results of 10 years of verifying the possibility of integrating FC FLT and the need to standardize authorisation procedures,  better alignment of different suppliers of the various FC FLT components and systems. In order to accelerate price reductions end customers need to team up to share experiences and together with the suppliers improve FC FLT operations. Jean Luc Delplancke , programme head of unit of the FCH JU presented the FCH JU intention to conduct a market study on FC material handling vehicles and indicated that in the upcoming FCH JU program FC FLT applications could be supported as part of other innovation projects. The EHA is supporting the dissemination of the follow up project HyLIFT Europe that will be setting a Vehicle Users Group to speed up exchange of best practice and cost reductions. For more information on how to take part in the use group please visit the HyLIFT.eu website or contact the coordinator.