The London School of Economics’ Grantham Research Institute published a study on 5 March observing world leading airlines’ carbon management practices and their emissions performance. The new research – from the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) – revealed that currently most large publicly owned airlines have a CO2 emissions intensity that is below the TPI benchmark up to 2020. None of of the 20 stock-listed air carriers have (at present) any plans to manage their greenhouse gas emissions after 2025.

The EHA on March 6 at the General Assembly Meeting of the ENABLEH2 project that is looking at optimizing turbine technology to allow aircraft to use liquid hydrogen,  presented a first overview of potential locations of future hydrogen airports. The EHA is currently using a satellite office at the Groningen Airport Eelde close to the TSO2020 project facilities and is looking forward to explore aviation opportunities at this location in view of the hydrogen ambitions in the Netherlands.

Photo: Courtesy of World Airline News