Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, who was awareded the IPHE Award at the opening day of the WHEC 2010 in Essen,  indicated that the time for hydrogen market introduction have never been better; in the long run only hydrogen is best placed to substitute oil;  battery technology is not able to resolve range issues. The Mercedes FC B-Class will be able to cover 600 km in the near future, mass production of 100.000 fuel cel cars is foreseen for 2015.  The cost of 1 kg for 100 km range is still € 8, but with the German  H2 Mobility Initiative will from 2013 install 1000 public hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany  (today 30 stations, of which 7 public, are operational). The new Mercedes F 800 with a “sandwich” platform that can be used for battery, fuel cel and hydoride models is showing that electric powertrains are entering luxury sedan models. Wolfgang Reitzle, CEO of Linde, confirmed the commitment to build a network for hydrogen refuelling stations. Linde’s efforts in improving  its cryo high pressure pump  and ionic compressor developments promise a smooth roll out of refuelling technology. Also the renewable production of hydrogen is under development.