When: 22 August, 2011

The 1st joint European summer school for fuel cell and hydrogen technology will take place in Viterbo, Italy, 22 August – 2nd  September 2011.

Following the successful pattern of summer schools carried out under the EU Integrated Projects Real-SOFC and LargeSOFC, the HySafe hydrogensafety courses, and the HyAcademy, University of Ulster, Risø-DTU andForschungszentrum Jülich have teamed up with the company Heliocentris inthe project TrainHy.

This is part-funded by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) which is a joint agency of the European Commission and European industry and research groups in this respective field. The Summer School will now take a broader approach and address topics from the whole field of low and high temperature fuel cells as well as hydrogen technology. It is targeted at newcomers to the field, experienced students and young professionals. The four courses offered in 2011 cover different subjects and should apply to participants requiring basic introduction to these technologies (the ‘Primer’), to those seeking first insights into low or high temperature fuel cells (the introductory courses toLT-FC and HT-FC), and finally those looking for more advanced training onSOFC design and modelling. Within the courses, separate introductory sessions will allow for catching up on basic topics of electro-chemistry. Therefore the courses are suitable for students of graduate (Bachelor) and PhD level. It is also helpful for young professionals, technicians and more experienced researchers wishing to review the technologies in question and expand their knowledge, maybe to suit a newly acquired position. The School aims at providing a comprehensive introduction from fundamentals to the choice and design of components up to considerations of market introduction, economics and applications.

For more information see: Summer School