The EHA, as the Energy and Hydrogen Alliance of star H2 experts, aims to tackle head on the most important issues in the expected start of  massive H2 deployment this decade, as expressed by the last EU Council of December 11, 2020 on the new EU Hydrogen Strategy , i.e.:

” To assess infrastructure options taking account of different deployment patterns with regard to the efficient and affordable supply with domestic and, where needed, imported hydrogen and its derivatives and the impact on the design of competition and regulatory frameworks.”

Since 2000 the EHA, from a network of national associations (2000 till 2019), to large industrial members (untill 2015), supporting regional partnerships (HyER) of potential Hydrogen Mountains, Hills, Valleys, Islands, Ports, Cities, Villages till today, has evolved into a European-wide alliance of  H2 experts covering the complete H2 clean hydrogen value chain, as envisioned in the new EU Smart and sustaianablemobility Strategy.

Active in the concrete work on the ground to establish local teams of industry and local authorities and dedicated to mobilize EU, national and regional funding and financing, EHA alliance members collaborate in funded projects, set up their own or joint activities and share their experiences to pursue new business opportunities in developing local solutions, following the EU Green Deal’s Do-no-harm principle.

So join us in 2021 and contribute your espertise in one of our projects and programs across Europe and beyond!

Wishing you a serene, festive holiday with your loved ones and an energetic and healthy New Decade,

EHA Team Brussels