Israeli energy start-up H2energy Now believes it has the storage solution – and the renewable energy source as well – that will enable society to easily adopt alternative energies. Hydrogen power isn’t new – as far back as the late 1700s it was being used experimentally to power machinery – but what is new is the use of radio waves to break down hydrogen and oxygen.

Once “freed,” the hydrogen can be safely stored in a lightweight container, ready to be turned into electricity, fuel, or any other fossil fuel substitute. According to Davidson, the company’s president and CEO, storing hydrogen is perfectly safe, and in fact car companies such as Nissan and Honda – as well as public transportation firms from California to Israel to China – are using hydrogen power for their vehicles, with hydrogen storage tanks that are engineered to withstand heat and cold in various environments.

“The EU has invested a billion euros in engineering safe hydrogen storage solutions, and the US has spend $950 million to pursue those solutions as well. They are doing this because they see hydrogen as the best renewable energy source of the future,” said Davidson.

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