Toyota Italy at the IPHE Workshop on December 4, 2014 sponsored by ENEA and FAST and hosted by the Italian Ministry of Environment pointed to the pioneering actions of Toyota in introducing as one of the first the hybride electric Prius and now a fuel cell electric vehicle to allow cleaner private transport in cities. The Workshop saw presentations of  the EU commission reporting on the status of the first call for Lighouse cities under the EU Smart Cities and Communities Flagship Initiative. FCH JU program director Bert De Colvenaer who suggested to turn the valley of death, with regards to the gap in financing the market up of these vehicles , into a valley of hope and joint efforts to make the commercialisation of hydrogen a success in the coming 10 years. Shuhei Yamada of Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu Japan described the development of Fukuoka as a hydrogen city in close cooperation with Kyushu university: fuel cells installations, a hydrogen house and the hydrogen infrastructure developments demonstrated that more is in happening in Japan than only around tokyo and Osaka. Monica Saraiva Panik, program director of the fuel cell bus development project in Saõ Paolo, co-financed by UNDP and the Global Environment Fund, pointed to the need to talk the local language to make local stakeholders aware of the benefits and working of fuel cels and hydrogen and engage them in developing local component supply chains. On this topic FAST in cooperation with EHA presented the H2Trust and HyResponse projects that respectively provide a database with detailed information on hydrogen safety issues regarding all FC and H2 applications and a training program for emergency responders on how to handle hydrogen applications. Thomas Kattenstein of the North-Rhine Westphalia Fuel Cell Network presented smart FC and H solutions in Bottrop, installing fuel cells as apart of building retrofitting program, Herten, working on hydrogen production linked to waste water plant and Cologne demonstrating the use of fuel cell buses in regular bus routes. The International partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in the Economy IPHE organized the workshop to identify the best way to ensure that hydrogen and fuel cells are included in the developments of smart cities around the world.