This June 19-22 the International Conference for Hydrogen Production took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. During the event the EHA took part in presenting our activities and the various EU funded projects that are currently taking place in Europe: CHIC, HyFACTS, FC-HyGuide, SHEL, HyLIFT-DEMO, and HyPROFESSIONALS.

The event provided for a great opportunity to stimulate the Greek Hydrogen Community and thus communication has begun to extend the EHA network to include Greece. In a meeting dedicated to the Greek Hydrogen Community, discussions took place in order to re-unite a platform for the representation of the Greek Hydrogen industry and research players.

Interest has also been expressed of local and regional players to taking part in deployment of hydrogen in transport and stationary applications.

The overall conference had a particular focus of interest to researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners working in the field of hydrogen production technologies, ranging from policy making and technical development to management and marketing.

The forum provided an exchange of latest advances and technical information, dissemination of new research developments in the areas of hydrogen production and usage and presentations involving the future directions and priorities in the hydrogen economy for a sustainable future.

The 2011 International Conference on Hydrogen Production is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, by the Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI/CERTH).

For more information on this event see: ICH2P 2011