The European Hydrogen Association, EHA, welcomes the EU Commission Communication on Clean Power for Transport and its confirmation on the role that hydrogen will play in moving Europe’s transport away from using fossil fuels. As several Member States have made a constructive start in planning their national hydrogen production, distribution and refuelling station network the need to start the harmonisation of these national efforts, to ensure a sustainable roll out in all EU Member States in the future, is crucial. Through its network of over 20 national member associations, the EHA is representing more than 300 large as well as small and medium-sized companies active in hydrogen and fuel cell system development, many of them market leaders. National associations have up-close insight in which key political and industrial stakeholders to engage in supporting national infrastructure efforts.Many EHA members are actively involved in projects supported by the EU Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen that prepare the market roll out of applications in the coming decade. Although private investment in alternative fuel infrastructure development will be stimulated by the Clean Power for Transport Communication, government support at all levels is needed to ensure economic and environmental sustainable and harmonised market development especially for new innovative fuels like hydrogen. The EHA is committed to work closely with its national member associations to ensure the involvement of all political and industrial stakeholders including SME’s, most of which are technology frontrunners in this sector.