2012 saw an increased interest of the role of hydrogen in Europe’s clean energy and transport policy. The approval of a large EU energy storage project (INGRID), the first hydrogen project along a TEN T corridor  (HIT) and the management of the European Electro-mobility Observatory (EEO) by HyER demonstrated the recognition of hydrogen’s role in EU ‘s emission reduction efforts.  In addition the highly anticipated EU Communication on Clean Power for Transport including a legislative proposal for the deployment of the alternative fuels infrastructure. As the FC and H2 sector is moving form a project focus to a program approach where larger number of applications need to bring down costs and engage first customers, the need for more political engagement at national and local level is crucial. The role of EHA national member associations will therefore significantly increase to align key stakeholders and communicate examples of successful national H2 mobility initiatives throughout Europe. We are looking forward to an exciting 2013 and wish you all Lovely and Relaxing Holidays and a great start of the New Year!