This month hydrogen “moved” a lot of communities around the world. At the World Hydrogen Energy Conference, WHEC 2012, more than 1.000 registered participants, gathering in  the financial district in downtown Toronto, tried to move the Canadian government to step up its support for larger scale use of hydrogen as an energy storage solution and in clean urban transport.  The EHA presented several FCH JU projects at the WHEC (HyFacts and HyLift Demo) and co organised a session at the WHEC on collaboration between “emerging hydrogen economies”. This session  followed a meeting in Capetown in which  South Africa moved the country representatives at the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel cells meeting to a whole new level of  global collaboration engaging local players and expertise. Since the end of May the CHIC fuel cell hydrogen buses move the City of Oslo to the national theater in style. Last but not least a new DOE report on Hydrogen and Fuel cells indicates that someth2ing is moving in president Obama’s administration with regards to previous perceptions about the use of hydrogen. Therefore…. “Let hydrogen move you!” on the first day of summer, June 21 in Brussels during the EU Sustainable Energy Week; the EHA in collaboration with the FCH JU and HyER  organizes a full day of updates and Drive and Rides around the Palais des Academies,  featuring the latest hydrogen developments in Europe and an opportunity to drive  more than 10 different battery and fuel cell vehicles and test their performance! We recommend to register now at the EUSEW website!