The US Department of Energy on May 7 announced significant cuts in  hydrogen transport  funding for 2010, as it says it will be concentrating  on near “term solutions as biofuels and batteries”. The situation in Europe seems quite different; taking into account the increasing funding levels of EU JTI Calls in the coming years and the start of national programmes in Germany and Scandanavian countries, combined with important developments at regional level throughout Europe. The EU in 2010 will actually spend more on hydrogen and fuel cell development than the US!  Unthinkable at  the start of the EU Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform in 2003 in the presence of  the US Secretary of Energy!  Europe  is well placed to become market leader in hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell system development.  With the US slowing down,  the EU together with European industry and research institutes should take this opportunity and accelerate their efforts to offer European consumers the first chance to benefit from the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. The EHA is organizing the Second EHA national assocation event on June 17, 2009 to hear about recent national developments and discuss how Europe can leverage EU natioanl and local funding in the coming years. For registration please contact