Along with the summer sun comes new opportunity and milestones for the future of hydrogen and fuel cell promotion and deployment.

The French Hydrogen Association (AFH2) and the French Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform (HyPaC) will join their efforts to accelerate the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies’ deployment in France in a new strong national structure which will federate the hydrogen and fuel cell community in France.

Materials Handling applications received a lift when Ballard Power Systems committed to purchase a minimum 3,250 fuel cell stacks over the next 18-month period, for use in the material handling market. The HyLIFT-DEMO project held it’s second project meeting this month in Herning, Denmark. During the meeting the prototype forklift for the project was presented. EHA is a partner in both HyLIFT-DEMO and the SHEL project, which will demonstrate fuel cell and hydrogen forklift truck applications in various sites in Europe.

Fuel  Cell and Hydrogen technologies are foreseen to also reach new markets in developing countries. The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) and the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) will explore the prospects for hydrogen as a key fuel in the future energy system during the ‘Environment and Energy Conclave’ from 25-27th of August in Kalkata, India. The delegation places hydrogen at center stage within a panel discussion ‘Hydrogen: How is it delivering the fuel of the future?’

The public is now able to take part in the work of two European funded projects HyFACTS and FC-HyGuide. HyFACTS has publicized a survey targeted towards regulatory and safety officials able to provide feedback on hydrogen and fuel cell authorization procedures and training of officials in Europe. FC-HyGuide is offering training courses geared to provide interested participants a step-by-step guide on Life Cycle Assessment of hydrogen production and fuel cells. Courses will take place September 2011. (more information on European projects is found below)