At the EHA Spring starts early this year.  Fuel cell vehicles seems to pop up more frequently in references to electromobility and comments on the long term perspective of hydrogen are contradicted by recent the Mercedes Benz F-Cell World Tour and new refueling station openings. Five Think hydrogen passenger cars will be launched during the he Norwegian Hydrogen Forum General Assembly and EHA industry member McPhy signed a contract with Italy’s largest power company Enel for one of its solid hydrogen storage units to.

The EHA assisted in the kick off  of 5 European funded projects over the last month: February marked the kick off of the HyLIFT-DEMO project, demonstrating 30 Fuel Cell Forklift trucks in 3 European sites, the HyFacts project that is developing training programs for authorisation officials and the  HyPROFESSIONALS project which aims to develop educational and training programs for future hydrogen professionals. The EHA also facilitated the first technical expert workshop in Brussels  of the The FC-HyGuide project, which aims to develop a guidance manual for the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)  of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen based systems and related training materials and courses.

Events to look forward to this following month include the HyER (formerly HyRaMP) commemorative cocktail which will highlight a new beginning for the partnership as it broadens it’s scope to Electromobility on March 16th.  Both the EHA and HyER (formerly HyRaMP) are speaking at  the European Parliament Seminar, “Powering Europe’s Future Mobility” hosted by the European political group ALDE on March 15.