The EHA concluded 2010 making the rounds in the Commission to pick up policy vibes that could further enhance hydrogen’s market landscape this decade. The EHA visited the cabinet of  Energy Commissioner Oettinger in December to sollecit support in engaging energy and transmission companies to include hydrogen in their future energy storage  and grid reinforcement development plans. Efforts to include hydrogen in EU’s energy and transport infrastructure plans resulted in hydrogen appearing in the last Communications of the Commission on energy infrastructure priorities and its Energy Strategy 2020.  As the infoday on Energy Storage on December 10, 2010 demostrated much is needed to engage energy and transmission companies in integrating hydrogen in future investments in this field. The EHA also discussed the Commission’s Trans European Netowork for Transport (TEN T)  plans and its potential role in hydrogen infrastructure planning. The EHA is currently considering facilitating a proposal for a study under the next TEN T Call on hydrogen refuelling  deployment.
The EHA is therefore greeting 2011 with High anticipation and is looking forward to step up its involvement in strategic planning and in facilitating opportunties for its members to particpate in EU funded projects also outside the FCH JU to leverage funding and accelerate commercial developments. The kick-off of five FCH JU projects in 2011, for which the EHA is facilitating the dissemination, will further offer exciting opportunities for EHA national associations to engage new stakeholders. Wishing you a successful 2011!