The first month of the second decade of EHA’s operations in promoting hydrogen as an energy carrier in Europe, was dedicated to the hearings of relevant  new Commisoners designate and trying the find out what their responsibilites could mean for hydrogen and fuel cell development. In addition the EHA office chased Spanish colleagues to find out more about the scope of the proposed EU Electric Car Plan. Together with the JTI Industry Grouping NEW IG, HyER (formerly HyRaMP) and Fuel Cell Europe we have sent a joint letter to the Member State representative offices in Brussels to ask attention for the role hydrogen and fuel cell cars as part of and electric transport system. We now have information that a majority of the Member States indicated that would like to see a focus on more technolgies that just batteries in the Action Plan mentioning also fuel cells. The new Industry Commissioner Tajani also indicated his interest to focus more on green automotive technologies mentioning specifcally the need of active and coordinated involvement of Member States and Regions. As the Bulgarian Hydrogen Association requested membership last week (see under National News),  the EHA,  now with 16 national member associations and hosting the office of HyER (formerly HyRaMP)’s, 30 regions is well placed to facilitate more visibility of hydrogen and fuel cells in EU and national policies.