The first Hydrogen Vehicle Bridge Crossing Event in Europe on November 30 from Malmoe to Copenhagen was the result of a very constructive collaboration between the EHA, HyER (formerly HyRaMP), the NEW IG JTI Industry Grouping and the JTI Programme office, coordinated by Danish hydrogen supplier  H2 Logic.  By pulling together the networks of these different organisations, a broad group of stakeholders in Europe were involved to get the cars to Malmoe and Copenhagen and to inform national and international media and key stakeholders.

EHA’s 15 national member associations are able to activate collectively over 250 of the main fuel cell and hydrogen companies in Europe and over a 100 reseach institutes and universities. In addition EHA’s own contact database includes key Members of the EU Parliament, European Commission officers, coordinators of the main EU projects and the main European media. Together with the now 30 members of HyER (formerly HyRaMP) , a community of dedicated key stakeholders is steadily building and committed local governments are ready to welcome the first commercial applications.

As the EHA is entering its second decade of promoting hydrogen as a clean energy carrier, it will step up its efforts to ensure that a sustainable and efficient European hydrogen infrastructure will be built in key locations of Europe. It will facilitate broad visibility of these developments in Brussels and beyond, identifying technology transfer opportunities with regards to future  Climate agreements.  With the updated EHA website we will also be able to build hydrogen communities online , linking with relevant national and local developments, other EU organisations and digital media and networks.  We therefore invite  new national associations and industries to join our EHA hydrogen community and support our efforts to ensure Europe maintains its role as market leader in this field.