Ian Williamson, President of the European Hydrogen Association and Hydrexia’s Director of European Sales and Development, chaired a session focused on hydrogen infrastructure on the World Energy Solutions Conference in Stuttgart, Germany. Speakers from Canada, the European Union, Japan and the United States talked about the rollout of global hydrogen refuelling stations to meet increasing availability of hydrogen passenger vehicles and buses.

Speakers gave their perspectives on the build-up of hydrogen infrastructure in key global markets, from basic and publicly funded infrastructure to demand-based infrastructure, and regional networks that have formed to enable hydrogen fuelling. The participants also discussed financing, deciding on locations for an optimal hydrogen network, and the integration of electrolysis for on-site green hydrogen production.

Mr Williamson commented “It was a detailed, robust set of presentations which gave the audience an insight into hydrogen infrastructure development in important regions around the world. The speakers were key influencers on future strategies and it was good to see the realistic discussion and sharing of experiences that will serve to accelerate successful hydrogen vehicle roll out.”

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Photo: Ian Williamson is also director of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, EHA member.