Hyundai  signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Norwegian firm Hydrogen Operation, (HYOP) in Seoul on May 15, 2012,  to support Oslo’s pilot project to provide FCEVs for public agencies, commercial fleets and taxi firms. HYOP plans to build additional hydrogen refuelling stations in accordance with the rollout of the vehicles. In early 2011, Hyundai signed an MoU with representatives from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland under which Hyundai would provide FCEVs for demonstration and the countries would continue to develop the necessary refuelling infrastructure. These efforts are progressing well. In May 2011, Hyundai test-drove its FCEVs in cities such as Stockholm and Oslo. In Denmark, the Hyundai Tucson ix35 FCEVs crossed the country from east to west (about 340 km) on one tank of hydrogen, in cooperation with local hydrogen station operator H2 Logic. Prior to the test drive, Hyundai entered into a partnership with H2 Logic and vehicle distributor Hydrogen Link. In November 2011, Hyundai joined the H2moves Scandinavia project, collaborating in the official opening of the project’s hydrogen station in Oslo. In April this year, Norway’s Zero Emission Resource Organization (ZERO) drove two Hyundai ix-35 FCEVs from Oslo to Monte Carlo, which was accomplished with only five refuelling stops using already-established hydrogen refuelling stations.  HYOP CEO Ulf Hafseld stressed that Norway already has some of the best hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in the world. The MoU comes after four of Hyundai’s FCEVs were successfully tested for a year in actual driving conditions in Denmark and Norway, said the company. A Hyundai spokesman said the company is seeking to sign further MoUs with private enterprise firms in the Nordic nations.