The first European hydrogen safety and emergency response training for first responders and firefighters is taking place between the 14th-18th of March 2016 in face-to-face mode at The French Academy for fire, rescue and civil protection officers (ENSOSP) in Aix en Provence (France).

HyRESPONSE is the World’s first comprehensive training programme for first responders to facilitate safer deployment of FCH systems and infrastructure. The training is covering all safety aspects for a range of hydrogen applications, including passenger vehicles, buses, forklifts, refuelling stations, backup power, stationary fuel cells for combined production of heat and power, etc.

The core training programme is threefold:
– educational training, including the state-of-the-art knowledge in hydrogen safety,
– operational training on mock-up real scale hydrogen and fuel cell installations,
– and innovative virtual reality training reproducing in detail an entire accident scenario, including the influence of first responder’s intervention.

Firefighter teams are joining the training programme and came from across all over Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The project succeeded to build an international collaboration and participants and representatives from the USA, Japan and Taiwan are joining the training programme.

The HyRESPONSE three pilot training sessions are going to take place as follow:
– First pilot training session: 14th-18th of March 2016
– Second pilot training session: 9th-13th of May 2016
– Third pilot training session 6th-10th of June 2016

Are you interested in joining HyRESPONSE training programme (Places are limited):
Interested persons such as site operators, representatives and hydrogen industry, and car manufacturers can join the training session as observers where observers can attend the educational lectures, virtual reality sessions and watch the operational training in action.

Observers can join the whole five training days, or they can choose the days that they are interested in attending.

Registration links for observers:
Observers registration-1st training session
Observers registration-2nd training session
Observers registration-3rd training session

For more information, please visit HyRESPONSE website or send an email to with cc:

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