The overall purpose and ambition of HyLIFT-DEMO is to conduct a large scale demonstration of hydrogen powered fuel cell forklifts, which enables a following deployment and market introduction starting no later than 2013. The project will conduct a 2 year demonstration of at least 30 units of 2.5-3.5 tons forklifts with a fully integrated 3rd generation fuel cell system and hydrogen refueling infrastructure at end-user sites.

The HyLIFT-DEMO project objectives are:

Demonstration of at least 30 forklifts

Demonstration of hydrogen refueling infrastructure at end-user sites

Conduct accelerated laboratory durability tests

Validate value proposition & reaching of commercial and environmental targets

Plan and secure initiation of R&D of 4th generation commercial products

Ensure commercial market deployment no later than 2013

Secure RCS for enabling commercialization

European dissemination securing national & regional motivation

The EHA in collaboration with the Italian Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations, FAST, will be working towards writing a guidance document for conducting project activities on fuel cell forklifts, targeted towards regional and local actors, as a help for them in setting up own projects. EHA will also be collaborating in the organization of dissemination activities, and workshops.