Recently HyNor Lillestrøm AS signed a contract with H2 Logic A/S on delivery of a hydrogen station in summer 2011, after a competitive tender exercise. The station will be installed at a new hydrogen research facility at Akershus Energy Park in Lillestrøm just outside of Oslo in Norway. The station will feature sustainable onsite hydrogen production and 700 bar refueling according to international standards, ensuring fast refueling in few minutes and long vehicle range. Together with another planned Oslo hydrogen station in 2011, this will ensure Norway one among the world’s most dense hydrogen refueling networks.

The station will include an alkaline electrolyser enabling production of hydrogen by use of electricity from solar panels. Space is available for future test of other hydrogen production technologies such as PEM electrolysis. Hydrogen will be compressed to 700bar and refueled according to the latest international SAE standard on fast and safe refueling of hydrogen in few minutes, comparable to refueling of gasoline.

The hydrogen station will be supplied by H2 Logic A/S from Denmark, who also is to provide another hydrogen station for Oslo during 2011 where seventeen fuel cell vehicles will be deployed in Oslo. Five of the vehicles will be placed in Lillestrøm and use the new and innovative hydrogen station.

source: h2logic