Hydrogen locomotives will be manufactured in Latvia as a result of cooperation between the railroad company Latvijas Dzelzcels, Czech company CZ Loko and Canada’s Ballard Power Systems. Latvijas Dzelzcels subsidiary LDz Ritosa Sastava Serviss (LDz Rolling Stock Maintenance) will reconstruct the locomotive, CZ Loko will provide the necessary parts and documentation, while Ballard Power Systems will supply fuel cells. Latvian Academy of Sciences will also provide support for the project.

Such locomotives will reduce noise and air pollution being able in the same time to run on renewable fuel. Moreover, hydrogen locomotives may act as mobile power plants, able to come to regions with electricity shortages and generate power for thousands of homes. Other countries as USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark are working on projects for development of hydrogen locomotives.

Source: Post OnlineMedia Image: dzelzcelniekiem.ucoz.lv