German’s Linde Group, the EHA member, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial gasses and that includes hydrogen. In Europe, the company is working to take the lead in building hydrogen refueling stations for fuel cell powered cars. It already has 100 operating in Germany, where BMW and Mercedes say they are working on hydrogen cars.

TheLinde H2 bike, which Linde will produce as a limited prototype series, runs on sustainable green hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen can be obtained through the electrolysis of water using wind energy or by reforming biogas. The carbon balance of the Linde H2 bike is therefore significantly lower than that of a pedelec where the battery is charged using power of mixed sources drawn from the German energy grid.

“Linde is …pushing new and unconventional ideas to contribute to the widespread commercialisation of hydrogen as a clean technology,” commented Dr Wolfgang Büchele, CEO of Linde AG. “With the Linde H2 bike, we have shown that the benefits of hydrogen drives are not restricted to cars – bikes are another interesting application.”

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