When: 21 May, 2014   Where: Aberdeen

Key industry and public sector organisations have joined together to demonstrate Europe’s largest integrated hydrogen project. A fleet of 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses will be fully operational in Aberdeen by the end of 2014 as part of the Hytransit and High V.LO-City projects but, excitingly, participants at All-Energy on 21-22 May 2014 in Aberdeen will get a first-look of the new fleet which will be parked outside the main entrance during the show.

How does this impact the industry?

The buses work by emitting water vapour, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, as well as being quieter and smoother to run.

Building on Aberdeen’s global reputation in the energy industry, this H2 project will enable the development and deployment of hydrogen infrastructure. This work will open the way for new and innovative hydrogen technology projects and accelerate the commercial use of hydrogen as a fuel, offering green transport solutions.

All-Energy provides the perfect forum to launch Aberdeen’s hydrogen fuel cell buses. The event will provide significant exposure for the buses and provide delegates with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the project team. The European fuel cell and hydrogen joint undertaking (FCH-JU) Executive Director, Mr Bert De Colvenaer says: “The FCH JU is very pleased to see the commitment of Scotland and Aberdeen as a pioneer in fuel cell and hydrogen for public transport bus applications and as a cornerstone for future self-reliance in energy provision; just in the same was they were committed in the past for fossil fuels.”

Source: All Energy website Registration to the exhibition&conference here.