When: 9 October, 2015
Hydrogen quality assurance is a guarantor for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell life; thus, key to the success of hydrogen as an energy carrier. Identifying critical needs to develop nozzle sampling methods and hydrogen contaminant analysis tools through data collection and modelling to guide research on impact on PEM fuel cells of hydrogen fuel contaminants by qualitative and quantitative risk assessment is in the focus of the HyCoRa project funded by FCH-JU.
The presentation and discussion of project results with OEM is the primary aim of this workshop. Presentations will summarize the current state of research conducted and the panel discussion allows providing OEM feedback and views.
Location: Centre Albert Borschette, Meeting room AB304, RUE FROISSART 36, B-1040 BRUSSELS.
Please, contact for the registration: thomas.malkow@ec.europa.eu