The Hychain-Minitrans project, coordinated by Air Liquide, develops fleets of small hydrogen-powered urban vehicles. This project will make it possible for users in four European Union countries – France, Italy, Spain and Germany – to test these vehicles in a real-life situation. In Spain, 13 vehicles powered by a hydrogen fuel cell were delivered to the city of Soria (Castille and León), one of the project’s partners. There are four tricycles, four wheelchairs, four lightweight utility vehicles and one minibus. Four hydrogen-powered scooters will join this fleet of clean and quiet vehicles in the very near future.These vehicles are powered by a brand-new infrastructure: pressurized exchangeable hydrogen cylinders that are ergonomic and easy to handle in complete safety, developed by Air Liquide. In Spain, these cylinders are filled on the Air Liquide de Torrelavega site (Cantabria). Made available to the city’s municipal services, these vehicles are now going to be tested and the feedback acquired will make it possible to collect a large number of technical data. Their analysis will permit these vehicles’ functioning to be improved as well as the logistics and distribution of hydrogen. It will facilitate their future use by the largest number of people. Form more information please visit the Hychain project website.