As Germany did not want to go beyond 32% and also Belgium remained less ambitious dthis, what seems to be gentlemen’s club of  experienced EU negotiaters, broke the stallmate in the talks on a new renewable energy target and agreed on 32% RE in 2030 and 14% RE intransport. At 4:00 you can understand their euforie…..but can we be  happy with a big H? Given that even Austria has now put renewable hydrogen clearly on the map of their EC presidency priorities (see below), big industry increasingly point to their “immediate ” need of green hydrogen supply and gas and electricity network operators are hurrying to test their grids to dispatch increasing influx of renewable power into their grids via hydrogen, is the deal reached last night not a last reminensce of old school EU. All efforts and attention is going into the deal making while the topic of the deal has already moved to the next room…..