During this year’s European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels The EHA and HyER (formerly HyRaMP) collaboratively held the “Hop on a CHIC Bus!” Event.

Right outside the doors of the European Commission’s Berlaymont building, a Fuel Cell Hydrogen (FCH) Bus was showcased in which over 150 participants hopped on board and took part in presentations that gave an overview of European funded projects which deal with Hydrogen and Fuel Cell development and deployment. A member of the Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Enterprise, Cabinet also found the time to come on board. Valentina Superti, responsible for the automotive industry within the the cabinet met with EHA and HyER (formerly HyRaMP) hosts and was presented the various projects, and activities of EHA and HyER (formerly HyRaMP) while being informed on hydrogen applications in Europe’s energy and transport system.

During the 3 day event many more participants of the EUSEW 2011 took the time to ask the bus driver, EHA and HyER (formerly HyRaMP) hosts numerous questions on hydrogen, the technology, and bus features. Participants were excited and enthused to be able to see and learn of the possibilities that hydrogen can provide in clean public transport fleets, many expressed hopes to see FCH buses in their home towns and cities!

The presentations featured the following projects:

CHIC, Clean Hydrogen in European Cities project demonstrating 26 FCH buses  in regular public transport  operations in 5 European cities,

HyFACTS aims to get authorization officials up to speed on all aspects regarding hydrogen installations;

HyLIFT-DEMO and SHEL will lift forklift trucks to a new high in clean material handling;

FC-HyGuide is looking at Life Cycle Assessment of hydrogen and fuel cell applications;

HyPROFESSIONALS will take care of training the next generation on handling hydrogen and fuel cells.


The FCH bus and driver was provided by Van Hool bus manufacturer.