When: 12 April, 2011   Where: European Commission Berlaymont Building Courtyard, Brussels

CHIC, the Clean Hydrogen In European Cities Project, is the essential next step leading to the full market commercialisation of Fuel Cell Hydrogen powered (FCH) buses.

The project involves integrating 26 FCH buses in daily public transport operations and bus routes in five locations across Europe – Aargau (Switzerland), Bolzano/Bozen (Italy), London (GB), Milan (Italy), and Oslo (Norway). The CHIC project is supported by the European Union Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH JU) with 26 million Euros, and has 25 partners from across Europe, along with industrial partners for vehicle supply and refuelling infrastructure. The project is based on a staged introduction and build-up of FCH bus fleets, the supporting hydrogen refuelling stations and infrastructure in order to facilitate the smooth integration of the FCH buses in Europe’s public transport system.

The “Hop on a Session in a CHIC bus!” event will give participants a chance to change the conference room atmosphere and take part in a series of seminars from within the comfort of one of the 26 Fuel Cell Hydrogen (FCH) Buses of the EU funded CHIC project.

The Bus will be located right outside the doors of the European Commission Berlaymont building in the center of Brussels (within the Berlaymont courtyard).  The FCH bus will be open for visitors all day from 9:30-13:00 and 14:00-17:00. If you have a questions and would like to learn more about the technology or just a curious mind, come and hop on!

From 13:00 until 13:30 on April 12 and 14 and from 13:30 until 14:00 April 13 the CHIC FCH bus will turn into a conference room, where participants have the ability to participate in a seminar which will demonstrate the progress in the use of hydrogen and fuel cells as part of Europe’s sustainable energy and transport system.

The Session will cover the following topics from fuel cell buses to forklift trucks:

CHIC, Clean Hydrogen in European Cities project

On The Move… Hydrogen in European Energy and Transport Systems

HyFACTS aims to get authorisation officials up to speed on all aspects regarding hydrogen installations;

HyLIFT-DEMO and SHEL will lift forklift trucks to a new high in clean material handling;

FC-HyGuide is looking at Life Cycle Assessment of hydrogen and fuel cell applications;

HyPROFESSIONALS will take care of training the next generation on handling hydrogen and fuel cells.

We will also be providing rides to participants!

Please register online  here via the EUSEW 2011 website (You first need to create an account and then select the CHIC event).

Online registration closes on 31st of March.  In case of questions or late registration, please send an email to: h2businfo@chic-project.eu