150 exhibitors from 20 countries flocked to the 23th edition of the H2 and FC  Battery Group Exhibit this year. These are the 10 highlights the EHA picked up the first day:

  1. EC announcement came out on the approval of EC Synergy proposals: €22.1 million to support the development of connections between transport and energy infrastructure in Europe.  EHA supported the preparation of the winning proposal of the Dutch government including tw0 TSO’s, TenneT and Gasunie to link big wind potential in the North Sea to hydorgen production and distribution networks in Groningen and beyond
  2. Sefcovic visited the NOW booth and was presented Siemens hydrogen storage view
  3. BMW allows you to drive their FCEV
  4. Traditional press conference German national program NOW : Olaf Lies, Minister ofEconomic Affairs, Labor and Transport of Lower Saxony presented his support for the ALSTOM Transport Deutschland GmbH world’s first train powered by hydrogen shown at the booth of NOW GmbH booth B 56: non-electrified lines which are still accounting to about 40 percent of the German rail network. Moreover the noise level is drastically reduced when compared to conventional diesel engines. Two prototypes are set to run on the Bremerhaven – Buxtehude – Cuxhaven line in Lower Saxony starting in 2018.
  5. A hydrogen train’s high-pressure tank manufactured by xperion Energy & Environment GmbH, Kassel is shown at the booth of Hexagon Composites ASA, Ålesund, Norway, B 60. The ranges of hydrogen and diesel trains are comparable.
  6. Alexander Schminanofsky of the Austrian Railway Competence and Certification GmbH and coordinator of the BulkH2Rail project that the EHA is supporting will give a presentation at the EHA Tech forum session on April 27, 2017 at 1400, featuring topics of interest for international cooperation beyond Europe especially with emerging economies.
  7. ITM Power plc, Sheffield, UK, booth B 68 is exhibiting a 2.2 MW electrolyser The electrolysers have a modular design and can thus be extended to a plant of up to 100 MW.
  8. NEL Hydrogen, Norway, B 60 provides information on a planned project for a 400 MW plant for the production of renewable hydrogen. The expected cost is $ 0.45 million / MW.
  9. A new initiative initiated by the BMW Group together with 17 industry partners and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, will demonstrate  how the energy supply for a comprehensive Zero Emission Mobility can be covered on the basis of renewable sources. Visitors are invited to follow an interactive hydrogen trail per app, for more information visit www.ne4m2050.com.
  10. Interesting talk with booth neighbor Patrick Starke of S3 Alliance, developer of hydrogen impurity analysers for production lines in the semiconductor industry and at the hydrogen pump to measure the purity of the hydrogen before it enters a fuel cell car: the letter is referring to a legal responsibility question in case of damage to the fuel cell caused by impurities.