jThe fourth day featured the EHA at the Group Exhibit public forum as well as in the technical forum.

  1. EHA’s public forum presentation focussed on Clean Hydrogen for all Europeans: the EU Winterpackage, “Clean Energy for all Europeans” included a stack of 50 cm of new proposals for energy policy to get more clean energy faster to Europe’s consumers and prosumers. EHA director Marieke Reijalt referred to the 12 EU Member States that now have included hydrogen in their national alternative fuls policy plans as part of the EU Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive. At the EHA stand a these countries are clearly indicated on EHA’s public hydorgen station map: the countires form a large part of EU territory already and will need to have a national network of public stations in place to support the circulation oif fuel cell vehciles by 2025. EHA therefore since 2000 focuses on engaging the right national and local stakeholders in a cooperative effort to plan and install hydrogen systems and ensure the link to renewable power. As an example she  mentioned the approval of the first Synergy proposal linking large wind power in the North of the Nethrlands via hydrogen to power Europe’s main transport corridors that the EHA co -authored.
  2.  An important EU consultation on new ideas fro Projects of Common interest (PCI) has opened on the EU Commission website: in order to ensure that hydrogen solutions for grid management are included, EHA national association members are encouraged to check current PCI proposals in their countries.
  3. The “French FCH Connection” partied late on the third day with first time exhibitors Tenneris of Grenoble.
  4. Nel ASA CEO, André Løkke, referred to the  joint venture agreement with Hexagon Composites ASA and PowerCell Sweden AB to establish a Joint Venture for the development of integrated hydrogen projects.  The Joint Venture will have an initial focus on opportunities in the maritime and marine segments, as well as projects to leverage on renewable energy resources.  The Joint Venture will be equally owned by Nel, Hexagon Composites ASA and PowerCell Sweden AB, and will create a one-stop-shop for customers wanting to utilise hydrogen technologies across the value chain.
  5. In view of its activities as Network member of the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) EHA organized a session atthe the Group Exhibit’s Technical forum on “Connecting Countries to Climate technologies”.
    1. Gustavo Nunez of the Rio de Janeiro Coppe institute presented the recent launch of the Brazilian Hydrogen Association and their organisation of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2018 in Rio de Janeiro on June 17 -22 2018
    2. Alexander Schimanofsky of the Austrian logistics  competence centre (SCC) reported on the BulkH2Rail project that is looking at H2 powered rail transport and at transportating hydrogen by rail .
    3. Sharon Blair CEO of HyPLAT and leading the HYSA Catalysis unit gave an update of FCH development in South Africa.
  6. UNO-X green executive officer Roger Hertzenberg visited the EHA booth to indicate the missing Kjørbo 200kg/day hydrogen station on the EHA public HRS map. The station is located at Powerhouse a positve energy building on the busiest highway in Norway, entering Oslo from the south, and just where a public transport/FCEV-dedicated car pool lane begins. This makes hydrogen an attractive choice for commuters, as they can fuel before entering the city via the car pool lane and avoid heavy traffic during rush hours. Furthermore, FCEVs are exempted from all taxes in Norway, making them competitive with conventional vehicles. The station is operated by Uno-X Hydrogen, a joint-venture between the retail energy company Uno-X, the gas company Praxair, and Nel Hydrogen as technology provider. Payments are done by cellphone and the station has since been added to the HRS map on our homepage.
  7. Like the previous years the Colruyt colleagues looked forward to drive their Hyundai IX35 from the supermarket chain logistics centre in Halle Belgium to the Hannover Fair, only to find that the Linde’s mobile station was not able to refuel their car for the way back. The fairground really needs to start walking the talk of their exhibitors: the 25th edition of the H2+FC+Battery Group Exhibit in 2019 might not be a bad occasion for installing a premanent station at the fairgrounds and order some FC forklifts?