Busy day at the EHA stand with visits from the Korean association. The Ten Highlights from the second day:

  1. Javier Brey Sánchez, vice president of the EHA and Chairman of the Spanish Hydrogen Association referred to the 6 stations in Spain that are part of  a French – Spanish Hydrogen corridor H2Pyr: there are now actually more station in Spain than in China! He promoted the EHEC 2018 again in Spain in Costa del Sol on March 14-16 2018, call for Abstracts opens on May 16, 2017.
  2. The Public forum on the second day was dominated by the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in the Economy (IPHE) sessions with government representation of China, USA,  Japan and Germany and industry representation of Michelin, Siemens and ITM Power; main message is H2 role as storage and grid management solution is ready for business and governments need to step up regulations to favour low emission technologies to embark on commercila production and distribution.
  3. Hydrogenics presents its 3 MW compact electrolyser with a production capability of 1,350 kilograms of hydrogen per day, making it capable of powering 280 fuel cell vehicles every 24 hours
  4. We met with South African Dr. Sharon Blair of the HySA catalyst centre and CEO of HyPlat who will be presenting the South African HySA program developments in the EHA Technology Transfer session.
  5. Paolo Miranda of the Brazil Coppe institute at University of Rio de Janeiro and representative of the Brazilian IPHE delegation promoted the WHEC 2018 to be held in Rio
  6. Resato High Pressure Technology stopped by: theare hosting a hydrogen day in Groningen on May 20 in Assen: For more info  contact Arianne van Dijken van Resato International BV (ariannestenvert@resato.com, 050-5016877)
  7. The Electrolyser pitches in the afternoon included ITM Power Plc,  Odasco – Heliocentris Europe GmbH,  Nel HydrogenHydrogenProGiner, Inc.AREVA H2Gen GmbHProton OnSiteHydrogenics EuropeH-TEC SYSTEMS and sunfire GmbH
  8. Ursus the Polish bus supplier presented its bus just oustide the Group Exhibit: (see photo): powered by a HyMove PEM fuel cell 2x 30 kW (60 kW net power) , 2x 113 kW Ziehl-Abegg synchronous permanent magnet hub motor (2700Nm) and a BMZ NMC lithium-ion battery (74 kWh), it will have a range of 450 km.
  9. Neighbour Bisnet, a micro FC competence network,  supports producers and component suppliers of small fuel cells in Germany and use German public funding for small and medium sized companies.
  10. Nathalie Loch project manager for hydrogen of the Agence Regionale de Developpement Franche Comté referred to need of more FC bus suppliers to help bring cost down as her region is really interested in FC buses after visitng the Postauto FC bus operations of the CHIC project in Switzerland.