Javier Brey, CEO of Abengoa and vice president of the EHA in an interview at the H2 FC and Battery Group Exhibit Forum, referred to Spain’s import of 98% of the fuel its needs for transportation ,  a big sum… Therefore, security of fuel supply, like for Europe, is crucial for Spain. Hydrogen therefore could be a solution from the economic point of view and the security point of view as the technology is matured enough to tart integrating it on a larger scale contacted to Spain’s rich renewable power potential. Abengoa are designing a large project to produce hydrogen from biogas with an estimated production of 10,000 kg/day. Since 1978, Abengoa is also working on solar power and they developed a 200 megawatt power plant,  using the heat of the sun to produce electricity. In the future this process can be combined with the possibility to produce hydrogen from the thermal process. Abengoa is sponoring the next WHEC 2016 in Zaragoza. Sagrari Miguel, technical secretary of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2), organizer of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference WHEC 2016, is looking forward to present important updates on the topic of renewable  hydrogen at this biannual event: the Call for Paper is open!  (deadline October 31, 2015). Please find the WHEC press release here