The Finnish Fuel Cell Industry Group  have been EHA members since 2010 and represent many traditional Finnish companies that are exploring the FC and H2 markets ensuring a presence at the Hannover Fair since many years.  For example Woikoski and its  Kokkola alkaline electrolyser plant (see foto),  inaugurated in November 2012 sporting 1800 m3/h of H2 (O2). With its  3 stacks of each 3 MW make it one the biggest electrolyser plants in Europe. Kalevi Korjala, Woikoski managing director and Taneli Naukkarinen, export sales director presented the Woikoski hydrogen activities at the Public Forum of the H2FC and Battery Group Exhibit on April 15.

Woikoski was founded in 1882 and their first product was carbon black and acetylene for  the gas lights for the lighthouses. It has been producing H2 since 102 years. Five years ago Woikoski started its hydrogen station development: two stations have been built in Finland.  A third will be installed by the end of this year and a fourth in Gothenburg, both are part HIT2 Corridors project. Woikoski will be present at Achema Fair, the biggest chemistry fair in the world in June in Frankfurt.