When: 3 September, 2012

The H2SusBuild project (http://www.h2susbuild.ntua.gr/), is organizing a workshop regarding “Standardization and Energy Management in Sustainable Buildings using Hydrogen as Energy Storage Medium”,  with the support of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), at Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (Lavrion, Greece) on September 3 and 4, 2012.

H2SusBuild is a large scale collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission, aiming at developing a self-sustainable and zero-CO2-emission hybrid energy system, in which the storage of hydrogen provides for the energy supply in case of energy shortage from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), thus compensating their intermittent nature. With this respect, RES are coupled with water electrolysis for the production of hydrogen. The produced hydrogen is stored in form of pressurized gas and consumed on-demand in order to produce combined heat and electricity in case of shortage of renewable energy. This hybrid energy system has been installed in a real building environment in order to demonstrate that application of such a system in buildings is possible, not only from the perspective of technical feasibility but also from the point of view of safety.  Standardization aspects are being followed up within the project by DNV.

The First Day of the workshop will be dedicated to “Standardization gaps for sustainable buildings using hydrogen as an energy storage medium”. The Second Day will feature “Energy Management in sustainable buildings and application perspectives of using hydrogen as an energy storage medium for RES balancing in buildings”.

No fee is foreseen for attending the workshop, but registration is required. Should you be interested to contribute, please register before August 23, 2012 by providing us with the compiled registration form (attached along with the workshop programme). The form needs to be sent back by e-mail or fax to:

D’Appolonia S.p.A

Attention:         Ms. Viktorija Navikaitė

Fax:                 +39 010 3621078

e-mail:              viktorija.navikaite@dappolonia.it