The EHA was recently asked by the th Paris Process Mobility and Climate PPMC, to name a few movers and shakers in the FCH trasnport community for their event in Marrakech during the COP22. The PPMC is an inclusive platform that actively invites all organizations and initiatives that support effective action on transport and climate change to join in the process. The PPMC was created in early 2015 to strengthen the voice of the sustainable transport community in the UNFCCC process, especially with a view to the COP21 in December 2015 in Paris.

So indeed who are these movers and shakers in and around our FCH community? Our top 3 who popped up over the last month:

  • The 236,910 who received the link to the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day website will hopefully start shaking the world as of October 8  (10/08) thanks to the Thunderclap that the EHA supported from Europe offering its Twitter followers.
  • Anders Lundell, the energetic fuel cell coordinator of the City of Sandviken , where the EHA organized its 16th AGM on October 26: Sandviken currently has the most FCEV per inhabitants in the world…
  • Klaus Bonhoff, the director of the German NOW program, who is entering the second  round of the German national NIP program, clocking another €165 mln till 2019