This year over  1,2 mln visitors of the largest event in the automobile industry Paris Motor Show 2016, that closed on Ocotber 16, 2016 of whom  over 10.000joined the EV Drive&Ride, were able to notice how fast hydrogen is hitting the roads in France. So far, there are 14 working hydrogen refueling stations in this country and the number is rapidly growing: 23 more are due to open in the coming years. France is planning to have 100 stations and 1000 hydrogen cars on the horizon 2018-2020. Six hydrogen taxis are running on the streets of Paris and some guests of the city probably enjoyed their comfort and quietness in the Hype taxi service’s  Hyundai ix35 that was also exhibited at the Show

Another model presented is Renault Cangoo. Initially electric, this utility car gets modified with hydrogen range extenders to meet driving range requirements of most of customers. Recently  a record of driving range of almost of 400 km has been reached.
The most surprising and motivating was the stand of Toyota. First, they put their hydrogen cars in front of all other models, showing their commitment to FCEV. They are passing a message that hydrogen is a “new hybride”, making a bet on H2 technology.
Toyota Mirai is extremely popular among the visitors, making very hard to make a picture when there is no one inside. Needed to say, that first commercial Mirai was delivered to France just couple of months ago and much more to come during next couple of years.
Besides Mirai, Toyota presented a completely new concept of H2 car. It is called FCV plus and has very futuristic design (see the picture). The main idea of the car is to make it not only a vehicle, but your own electric station. While at home, the car connects wirelessly to the home grid and generates electricity for it. In such way you can get not only clean fuel for your vehicle, but for the entire home. And, of course, it will be a great solution for the back-up power.

Surprisingly none of the relevant car companies representatives in the Show’s booths knew the exact number of available hydrogen refueling stations in France and in Europe nor their companies future plans with FCEV….