The EcoMotion Truck is a mobile power station, powered by two high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (HT-PEMFC) that run on methanol. The HT-PEMFC allow for a simplified balance of plant and improved carbon monoxide tolerance, which makes it possible to use liquid methanol as fuel. This is reformed into hydrogen-rich gas internally in the system. The system developed by Serenergy is the first commercially available mobile RMFC (reformed methanol fuel cell) system in the world, based on HT-PEMFC technology.

The fuel cell truck was tested by gardeners in the grounds of Holstebro Cemeteries (Denmark), where it has three key advantages: its near-silent operation, low emissions and the fact that it does not require constant recharging. Gardeners can operate the EcoMotion for up to a week before the ten litre fuel tank needs refilling. The truck also produces power for an inverter and two built-in 230 VAC power outlets so that the gardeners don’t need long cables for equipment such as electric hedge trimmers.

The gardeners at Holstebro Cemeteries were so impressed by the demonstration that they ordered a customised EcoMotion Truck for the cemetery, which was delivered in September.

More information: FuelCellToday