The German Transport minsiter Wolfgang Tiefensee visited the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Group Exhibit in Hannover expressing his great admiration for the accomplishments of the organisations and companies at this year’s fair. He confirmed the German government’s continued commitement to hydrogen and fuel cells as an integral part of future. He referred to the three stages that all new technologies seem to have to go through: the phase where everybody is laughing at you; the phase where everybody is critisizing your progress;  the phase in which everybody is telling you that they always knew that your technology was a winner. He feels that hydrogen and fuel cells are in between the second and third phase and that German industry with continued federal support should become the market leader in electric transport including battery and fuel cell powered vehicles.
The EHA was present at the fair together with the Spanish AEH2, Italian H2IT and Belgian VSWB, all EHA member associations. Inall 148 exhibitors were counted at this edition. For more information on the fair please visit the Group Exhibit site.