May 17, 2018 aired the’ first-ever proposal on carbon dioxide emission standards for trucks:  a 30 percent emissions cut by 2030, compared with 2019 levels, as well as an interim 2025 target of 15 percent. “Today, about 98 percent of our trucks rely on diesel. There are virtually no large zero emission trucks on European roads, and few zero emission buses in cities. This is unsustainable,” according to Energy and Climate Action Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete.  The proposed 2030 target, hitting the most widespread truck types or around 70 percent of emissions from heavy-duty vehicles,would not only help cut emissions by an amount equal to the annual emissions of Sweden, but also save up to around 170 million tons of oil up to 2040. A review in 2022 is meant to expand the target scope to other vehicles such as buses. Stientje van Veldhoven, the Dutch state secretary for infrastructure, called for a 24 percent reduction target by 2025 on Twitter. “Otherwise we have to do more in agriculture and buildings,” she said.