A draft report by the European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels assesses Europe’s options for substituting oil in the transport sector. The group, comprising industry associations, NGOs and Commission officials, was put together by the European Commission to provide advice on developing political strategies for alternative fuels. Among them, the European Hydrogen Association has been submitted input to the draft focussing on the need for a coordianted approach to local infrastructure build-up for electric battery and electric fuel cell cars.

The report states that the transport sector remains  heavily dependent on oil, but concerns over projected rise in demand and spiralling greenhouse gas emissions have led to the search for viable alternative fuels. The report identifies electricity, via battery or hydrogen fuel cells, and biofuels as the main options for substituting oil in transport.

“All these possible solutions have quite different potentials of application for future mobility, depending on market competition and future requirements of passenger cars and freight vehicles for traffic in urban areas and long distance travel,” the report says.

For more information see source: Euractiv news site