When: 13 June, 2013   Where: NH Laguna Palace Hotel, Venice

A  full-day workshop on “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for maritime and harbour applications: current status and future perspectives in the EU” organized by FCH JU will take place on the 14 June 2013 in Venice (Italy).

As part of this program, a visit of some hydrogen initiatives funded by the Veneto Regional Government has been organized on the day before, the 13 June.

 Scope of the Workshop

The objective of the workshop is to initiate an exchange of information on current and future clean energy technology solutions for marine applications, ranging from freight and passenger transportation, logistics and back-up power to harbour facilities and infrastructure.

It also aims to identify synergies among experts and foster networking, notably with a view to advice the FCH JU on how to pioneer new research actions in these areas.

Since harbour applications represent a unique blend of applications from all of the Application Areas in our portfolio (transport, stationary, early markets, hydrogen production & distribution as well as cross-cutting issues), we also welcome the use of different technologies in this particular area.

Please find all details in the agenda attached to this e-mail.

The visit and the workshop will be free of charge. Attendees will need to arrange their own travel and accommodation.

Registration and Presentations

Please register as an attendee by using the link below and filling in the required fields.

Registration web address


Please send any inquiries to: workshops@fch.europa.eu & Zeynep.Musoglu@fch.europa.eu